Outside In joins the Contemporary Visual Arts Network

Marc Steene, Outside In's director, said the move is an 'important opportunity' as Outside In starts to build its national framework.

He added: "Outside In seeks to bridge the divide between artists currently excluded or on the periphery of the art world, and the wider art world. Outside In currently supports 2,600 contemporary artists, often in very difficult circumstances, shared working and partnerships are essential to enable our vision of a fairer art world to be realised. Being a member of CVAN South East will enable new relationships to be built and provide further opportunities for our artists."

The latest organisations to join – alongside Outside In – are: Brighton and Hove based HOUSE Biennial, Hasting’s Jerwood Gallery, Phoniex Brighton, Margate-based Open School East and Reading International.

The chairman of CVAN South East, and director of Modern Art Oxford, Paul Hobson said the new additions would ‘refresh and strengthen’ the network.

He added: “Each already plays a significant part in enriching the quality, reach, and distinctiveness of the visual arts in our region. This is an exciting period of change for us at CVAN South East, and we look forward to working together with our new members on bolstering the thriving visual arts ecology in the South East.”

The news comes as CVAN South East announced a restructuring of the organisation’s steering group in order to ‘better reflect’ the region’s creativity. Joining chairman Paul Hobson is Joanne Bushnell (Aspex) as deputy chair, then the group includes: Joseph Young (Artist), Stewart Drew (De La Warr Pavilion), Liz Whitehead (Fabrica), Alli Beddoes (Lighthouse), Shoair Mavlian (Photoworks) and Kate Adams, (Project Art Works).


About CVAN

CVAN South East was formerly Turning Point South East (TPSE), the first regional network to be established by Arts Council England in response to the publication in 2006 of Turning Point, the first ever major review of the visual arts in England.

This review made the case for a broader leadership role for the contemporary visual arts for integrated planning and investment to underpin the sustainability and growth of the visual arts.

In 2010 the Turning Point network gave birth to the Contemporary Visual Arts Network (CVAN) tasked with providing the integrated planning, support, and facilitation to CVAN’s nine autonomous regional networks. Each regional network develops programmes of activity that are specific to their regional needs.

To find out more, visit cvansoutheast.com

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