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The Outside In: National 2012 Award Winners have been announced. They are: 'Musicians' by Michelle Roberts, 'The ones that I've been saving to make a feather bed' by Kate Bradbury, 'Fukushima Conjuration' by Matthew Sergison-Main, 'Woman' by Nigel Kingsbury, 'Cosmic Hat' by Phil Baird and 'Mermaid' by Manuel Lanca Bonifacio. There was an Awards Ceremony at the Gallery on Thursday 25 October to celebrate all the works in the exhibition as well as announce the award winners. Each Award Winner has been offered the opportunity to have a solo exhibition at Pallant House Gallery in 2013 and 2014.


All of the judges were impressed by the quality and range of the works on show and agreed on the difficulty of making a selection. Director of Pallant House Gallery Stefan van Raay said: "I am really excited that Outside In has now gone national for the first time. As a judge I was dreading the fact that I had to pick out a few though actually we reached a consensus quite quickly. I know it is a cliché but everyone in this show is a winner and I am proud that we show this wealth of talent in the main exhibition spaces of the Gallery."


Roger Cardinal agreed: "It is not really about finding the top six, it is more about showing the public that ordinary people without training can produce great work. Art can happen anywhere in all sorts of places, not just in art centres and galleries but where you are. The works in this exhibition are expressions of individuality, pledges of intent, claims upon our time." For Bobby Baker, "The most powerful thing was seeing all the works together in this beautifully mounted and curated exhibition. I feel very privileged to be part of the process and completely bowled over by the exhibition."


Image Credit: Manuel, Mermaid

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