Outside In: National Talks

Alongside the Outside In: National exhibition are an exciting series of talks at the Gallery for you to come along to. Please book through the website: www.pallant.org.uk or call 01243 774 557.

(NB: Outside In artists can get a reduced rate ticket, please enquire when you call )


Ben Wilson: From Wood Sculptor to Chewing Gum Artist Thursday 15th November, 6:00pm
An artist with a strong distaste for industrial waste, cars and
rubbish, Ben Wilson is best-known for creating tiny pieces
of art on chewing gum stuck to the street but he also
paints and sculpts and has exhibited internationally. He will
talk about his life and his creative processes.

This is a free event in the studio at Pallant House Gallery but please book a place.


Roger Cardinal: The Marginal Arts

Thursday 29th November, 6:00pm
In 1972 Roger Cardinal first coined the term 'Outsider Art' as
an English equivalent of Art Brut. In this talk he discusses the
unlikely skills, powerful emotional resonances and seductive
beauty of the 'marginal arts' including rural Folk Art, Child Art,
Graffiti and Outsider Art.

Talk: £8.50 (Students £7.50)

Laurent Danchin on Dubuffet

Thursday 6th December, 6:00pm
Jean Dubuffet is best known as the father of Art Brut,
coining the concept in 1945 and creating a celebrated Art
Brut collection. Laurent Danchin, Editor of Raw Vision
France, explores the complex, intricate and controversial
universe of the renowned French artist.

Talk: £8.50 (Students £7.50)


Outside In on film

Thursday 17th January, 6:00pm

The first public screening of filmmaker Louise Pack's evaluation documentary of Outside In, featuring interviews with artists and people involved in the project including sculptor Richard Wilson. It will be followed by a screening of a film called 'Thou Art,' a reseach and development project exploring community based arts practice and its links to wellbeing in the lives of mental health service users. A discussion around arts and health will follow this.

This is a free event in the studio at Pallant House Gallery but please book a place.


Bobby Baker: On the Drawing of Breath

Thursday 24th January, 6:00pm
In this illustrated talk renowned performance artist Bobby
Baker will explore how painting, breathing and 'madness'
led her to create the remarkable series of drawings, 'Bobby
Baker's Diary Drawings: Mental Illness and Me 1997–2008',
now published as a book (MIND Book of the Year 2011).

Talk: £8.50 (Students £7.50)


Image Credit: Elzbieta D.Harbord, Heaven and Hell (Series 3)

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