Outside In: Scotland


The second part of Outside In: Scotland is open now in Glasgow at Project Ability.This exhibition is on until 9 November 2013.

Outside In has given artists from Project Ability the opportunity to meet with artists from Art Angel in Dundee. Both organisations have a long history of providing support, facilities and tuition to artists with mental health concerns and this exhibition allowed artists from both projects to discuss artworks and to enter into a creative discourse.

Project Ability Artists Simon McAuley and Lea Cummings, together with tutor John Fitzpatrick were invited to select work from the extensive output of the Art Angel artists and settled on the work by David Ford, Alan Lesslie and Una Carter.

Each of these artists is distinctive in approach, application and subject matter. From the common place, everyday portraits of Alan Lesslie to the playful narrations of Una Carter and the nightmarish, autobiography of David Ford this exhibition offers a mere glimpse into the output of these artists.


This exhibition is the second Outside In: Scotland that sits alongside the larger Outside In: Scotland exhibition at Perth Museum and Art Gallery until 1 November 2013. That exhibition features 55 Outside In artists from across Scotland.


Image: Alan Lesslie

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