Outside In Surgery Day

On Monday 19th March artists from the London area came to meet the Outside In team to get their work online.


The day was a great success. John Sheehy brought along lots of his work, The Portugal Prints staff came along to learn how to help their artists and we even had a song from Christopher Higgins.



Have a look at the galleries we made here:

Christopher Higgins
Margaret Pepper
Lilianna Bujak
Emma Humphrey
Janee Hall
Dawn  Clarke
John Sheehy


There are other London Surgery Days are:

24/04/2012 at CGP London

15/05/2012 at Shape Arts, North London

To keep updated visit www.outsidein.org.uk/news_and_events

Visit The Royal Academy for more information


Image: Rishtadesigns, New Beginning

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