The Outside In film

We are pleased to share the full version of a short film about the charity and its work. The film was made by the artist and film-maker Justin Edgar, with filming fortunately completed just before lockdown.

You can watch the full version here :

We would like to thank all those involved in the making of the film, including Justin Edgar and his crew, Charles Rolls, artists Drew Fox, Danielle Hodson, Antony Stevens and Emma Louvelle, Cornelia Marland, Kate Davey, Hannah Whitlock and all the Outside In team, Sheryll Cato and all at Action Space, the team at Fabrica, Idil Ceren Bozkurt, Piano Nobile gallery and our Environments judges Grayson Perry, Cathie Pilkington and Robert Travers.

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  1. Eva Marschan-Hayes

    Great film & organisation ❤️ well done everyone! Would like to share it on FB, is this possible? Cannot see a sharing link.

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  2. Manda Steff

    Great film! It really gave me an insight into your work and the amazing talent out there. Loved it!

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  3. Gloria Horwell

    Very interesting, especially when you realise most of the famous artists of the past where never famous until they were dead and how much better if we could appreciate and understand an artist whilst they were still alive and able to live off the results of their abilities.

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