Outside In video portraits

As part of DAO’s Diverse Perspectives programme, funded by Arts Council England, film-maker Ivan Riches was selected to produce a series of short, moving image, digital works with two Outside In artists.

During a period of negotiation Outside In artists Julian Moran and Paul Bellingham agreed to collaborate with Ivan. Ivan’s brief was to capture a flavour of the working processes of the artists, incorporating their imagery in the production of two short ‘video portraits’.

The intention was to showcase the artistry, skills, ideas and creative processes of the artists in the spirit of a joint creative collaborative journey. The resulting digital artworks provide an exciting response to the Outside In artists’ technique and creative process. These works will be shared on both DAO and the Outside In websites in order to give a deeper insight into the artists' working practices.


To watch Ivan's film of Julian Moran, click the below link:


To watch Ivan's film of Paul Bellingham, click the below link:



Image Credit: Julian Moran

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