Panel Discussion

Saturday 6 September, 2 – 4pm


This chaired panel discussion will accompany the Outside In exhibition 'The Inner Self: Drawings from the Subconscious' at CGP London from 4  -21 September and will look at drawing from the subconscious as well as automatic drawing before taking questions from the audience. 


The panel will include:


David Maclagan
Writer, artist, lecturer and retired art therapist, David has published numerous articles on Outsider Art, art and imagination, and psychological aesthetics. His latest book, Line Let Loose: Scribbling, Doodling and Automatic Drawing focuses on these unconventional drawing processes and their new situation in our modern digital culture.


Deanna Petherbridge
An artist, writer and curator, Deanna is primarily concerned with drawing. Her practice is drawing-based (predominantly pen and ink drawings on paper), although she has also produced large-scale murals and designed for the theatre. Deanna has contributed to a catalogue on Madge Gill to accompany a retrospective exhibition in 2012 and published 'The Primacy of Drawing: Histories and Theories of Practice' in June 2010.


Carlo Keshishian
An Outside In artist and Ambassador, Carlo has exhibited in several shows with the project as well as other group and solo shows – most recently in Beirut and with Circus Terminal Worldwide, which travelled to nine different countries. Using drawing as his primary medium, Carlo believes that line can articulate things beyond words, just as quality and type of line can produce as much information as we are prepared to allow. 


Cathy Ward
A practising artist, Cathy's work is partially rooted in the obsessive eulogizaton seen in Victorian hair wreaths – where the grief of the bereaved is methodically, laboriously recorded into a narrative artefact. Her drawings developed over seventeen years after a sudden bereavement. 


Tickets cost £4.00 per person, and you can purchase them via Eventbrite by clicking here.


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'The Inner Self: Drawings from the Subconscious' is a group show of drawings by seven artists living within Greater London on the theme of the subconscious, primarily in black and white. The selected artists are: Jan Arden, Imma Maddox, Nigel Kingsbury, Hannah Swain, Billy Weston, Pat Mear and Terence Wilde. A small selection of works by Outsider Artist Nick Blinko will also feature in the space. 


Click here for more information on the exhibition

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