Postcards from the Edges

To celebrate its 40th anniversary, United Response is launching the biggest creative campaign in its history – Postcards from the Edges.


Through artwork, poetry, stories, collages or messages, we want people with, or affected by, disabilities to express what is important to them – all in the blank space of a postcard.


The subject could be anything, from your hopes and dreams to your impressions of the world around you.
Submitted cards will be featured on the Postcards from the Edges website with a selection going on to be displayed at an exhibition later this year.


The aim is to capture as many stories, thoughts views and creative ideas as possible. We want the website to reflect the huge range of people with learning disabilities, mental health needs, physical disabilities and other challenges.


Whether people want to paint, draw or write their postcards, the platform is free to be creative in any way you choose. Postcards can be created online on the website, submitted in the post or uploaded.


Have a look at the Postcards from the Edges website to see how creative people have already been and to find out more, or visit the below links for more information:



Image by Lauren

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