Putting Ourselves in The Picture: Images and interview

Outside In’s Cornelia Marland, curator of the current Putting Ourselves in The Picture exhibition at Fabrica, Brighton, talks to Laura Miles about the pioneering project.

Outside In’s Cornelia Marland appeared on the BBC to talk about the exhibition

LM: What were your hopes for the exhibition? 

CM: For this mini exhibition my hopes were that the Outside In method of selecting artworks were explained clearly for audiences to understand and hopefully gave an insight into another way of selecting. I also hoped that the works on display would give visitors an insight  into the workshops where the artwork was created. 

LM: What were the key considerations for the selectors?

CM: The theme for this mini exhibition was ‘movement’ and the selectors had three questions which they scored each artwork with: ‘Does the artwork fit the theme’ ‘Does the artwork reveal anything about the process’ and ‘do you find this artwork interesting.’ 

LM: How does it compare to others you have curated?

CM: Every exhibition is different depending on the works which have been selected. For this exhibition, Outside In artist Luc (e) Raesmith and artist development officer José Forrest-Tennant both scored larger collaborative works the highest so it was interesting to think about the best way to display them. Since much of the larger works were made on the floor it only felt fitting to place on the works in the middle of the space on the floor. 

LM: How would you describe the end result?

CM: A very playful and enjoyable exhibition! There are larger collaborative works, some smaller works and audio from some of the workshops where the works were made.

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