Q & A


How do you feel about joining Outside In?
Excited, inspired and looking forward to working with some incredible artists.


What did you do before joining the Outside In team?
Most recently I coordinated the Art House Open Studios Festival in Richmond upon Thames. Before that I’ve worked in exhibitions, arts festivals and theatre roles at various venues around the country.


Are you an artist yourself?
I trained as a set and costume designer for theatre. I still have a desire to create work but I’m not sure which way to direct it at the moment!


What are you looking forward to doing with Outside In?
I’m looking forward to celebrating 10 years of Outside In and to the many exhibitions and projects that we have coming up this year.


What are your aims for your new role?
To engage Outside In with even more people across the world, to highlight the work of even more artist and to tell more of their stories.

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