Raw Vision #78

Raw Vision magazine has been publishing for nearly 25 years and remains the world's only international journal of outsider art: art created by untrained artists that is pure, exciting and raw, with real meaning and integrity.


This edition features:


Les Coleman introduces Mark Beyer’s cathartic art. Beyer’s comic strips, paintings, silk screens and back-painted glass have gained him a cult status, with bold and violent images underpinned by a wry sense of humour.


Veli Granö considers Finnish sculptor Veijö Rönkkönen’s vast legacy, and its future. Rönkkönen’s hundreds of painted concrete-on-wire-frame sculptures of human figures and fantastical plant life inhabit a world of their own. The environment has recently been secured.


John Turner describes Howard Finster’s Elvis obsession, and their road trip together. On the journey Finster talked about his own work, and his reverence of Elvis as a fellow representative of the word of God.


Bruno Gérard explores Alexis Lippstreu’s work and influences. Working and re-working classic paintings from art books, Lippstreu’s restrained composition and forceful pencil-strokes render haunting works that are entirely his own.


Eva di Stefano looks at a sanctuary-work in progress in Sicily. Israele left his home in Palermo and climbed a mountain, to appease God by restoring a derelict military building for the second coming. Decorating the walls and ceilings with symbolic mosaics, he has spent over 15 years consumed by his mission.



Vitor Albuquerque Freire introduces Xico Nico’s sculptures. With a background in teaching metalwork to people with intellectual disabilities, and informed by his students’ creative freedom, Nico sculpts with metal and found stone.


Francine Kirsch explores the history of an ephemeral art form. From the shores of the east coast US to UK, subjects sculpted and coloured on the beaches reveal the zeitgeist. Tricks of the trade used by some to fix and colour the impermanent creations are also revealed.


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