Robin Ironside: Neo-Romantic Visionary

Visit Pallant House Gallery from 28th February 2012 to see the work of Robin Ironside. Essentially self-taught Robin Ironside did not attend art school, though his work reveals an extensive knowledge of art history. Ironside, himself, was drawn to methods of escapism throughout his life and there is often a hallucinogenic intensity to his work, which reflects his interest in experimenting with mind-altering drugs and later his addiction to the opium-based stomach-settling medicine, Dr.Collis Browne. Once, under the influence of mescaline, he became so captivated by the colours and shapes of a cabbage on his kitchen table that he stayed up until 4am to draw a perfect and immaculately executed picture of it.

The exhibition runs from 28 February – 22 April 2012 in the Print Room

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