Selector’s insight: Putting Ourselves In The Picture

José Forrest-Tennant, Outside In team member and selector for the Putting Ourselves In The Picture exhibition, tells us more about the process.

How would you sum up the Putting Ourselves In The Picture project?
This was a great project which really offered inspirational and thought-provoking activity that really supported diverse practice both in the collaborative aspects of the project and interaction with the public.

What was your overall impression of the artworks?
I thought the artwork was very eclectic and visually interesting – it helped to develop my own thoughts on what art is and who makes it.

What were you looking for when making your selection?
I looked for work that understood the brief of movement and whether this was achieved through use of materials, theme, content or a feeling and aesthetically if the work seemed interesting.

How does it compare to other exhibitions you may have worked on?
In comparison this project developing my thinking on ‘what is art?’ How a theme is interpreted and who makes art, which is a different experience for me.

How would you sum up the end result?
I’d sum up the result as a really worthwhile and enjoyable experience. The process of judging was quite unique, I don’t think I’ve judged art in this way before not having the background of the artist and the theme being so lose really offered a level playing field to those that had submitted work, which was a really accomplished effort and result.

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