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We are very pleased to announce that Outside In will very soon be launching an online shop. If you have an online gallery on the Outside In website, you can select one piece to appear in the online shop. When a viewer clicks on your work, there is also a link that will lead the viewer to the rest of your online gallery. As well as all of the works selected by artists to be shown in the online shop, there will also be six ‘Outside In picks’ on display at once, which will change regularly. Viewers can also change what they are looking at so that works are displayed ‘highest price to lowest price’ or ‘lowest price to highest price.’ If a buyer is interested in other work from your online gallery, they will get in touch with us and we will then contact you.


If you already have an online gallery, you just need to follow the below points to select a work from your gallery to be for sale through our Online Shop:


 – Log onto your page on the Outside In website via the ‘artists log in’ at the top right of the website. If you have forgotten your email address or password please get in touch with us and we can remind you.


 – Once you are logged in to your gallery, hover over the image you would like to sell through the Online Shop.


 – At the bottom of the image, there will be an option to 'Add to Shop' – click on this.


 – Once you've clicked on this, you will be taken to a form that you need to complete in order to sell the work through the Shop.


 – Make sure you tick the 'For Sale' box and complete all the fields marked with an asterix (*). When entering the dimensions of the work, please do this in centimetres (width first and then height). 


 – When completing the price box, enter the amount you would like to receive for the work, and we'll add our commission on top of this. Before your work appears in the shop, we will contact you to go over the price with you and make any amendments if necessary. If someone is interested in buying your work, we will get in touch.


The online shop will provide a great way to get your artwork out to a wider audience, but of course, if you would rather not have any work for sale in the online shop, you are still able to have your online gallery where people can view your work but not buy it. There is no guarantee of sale through having your work on the online shop, but we will be continuously promoting the shop in our newsletters and by various other means.


For more tips on selling your work through our Online Shop, you can visit the FAQs by clicking here.


If you are having trouble with the above process, or have any questions, please contact Hannah Whitlock by emailing or calling 01243 770845.


Image: Albert, Portholes

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