#shareartonline – Cybernetic Tyger Syx’s portrait project

Artist Cybernetic Tyger Syx has shared with us a project he is working on in lockdown involved with bringing new life to old, forgotten photographs with pen and ink – a complete change in creative direction for this artist.  What are you working during these strange days?  We’d love to see… Either post online using the hashtag #shareartonline or send to Matt at matthew.forbes-dale@outsidein.org.uk if you would like us to feature your work.

“I am an artist, an artist with a very specific problem. True, everyone is facing some form of hardship in these turbulent and trying times but as well as the standard Ambient Apocalypse drama, I am having somewhat of a creative existential crisis.

“The vast majority of my artwork involves creating hyper detailed patterns with autistic focused and structures rules. If you want 20 various patterns within a week that are possibly coated in tears and or blood then I am your man. If you want something else then that might be a little harder and there will be a lot of crying and added swearing thrown in. Say you wanted a portrait, I will give it a go but there will be self-imposed roadblocks and a rather large problem

“A previous incarnation of the problem has been called “creative malaise” but that did not fit correctly. Now I have learned it’s called the “demon of self- doubt”, his name is Trevor, for the time being at least. Trevor is not one of the fire and brimstone Miltonian demons, he is more of the petty middle manager types with an obsession with red paper-clips.

“Why am I rambling about biblical clashes of benign proportions I hear you ask, surely you are going to be talking about portraits? Well, very astute and possibly clairvoyant reader I will get to that soon so just settle in and strap yourself down.

“The reason I used the term creative malaise is because I feel slight creative discomfort, one could also be trapped in a fug of artistic miasma. I have so many ideas rushing around in my head, it has been hard to pin one down neatly on an identification card and follow through to create something.

“At home I have a stalkeresque collection of old photographs, I have no idea who the people are in the intimate family photographs but I am with them for their wedding, various family holidays to the beach and buying a car for possibly the first time. Cut a long story short, I have somewhat of a sizeable collection of old photographs with a vague idea how to use them.

“There are several ideas waiting to be pulled out of the ether, some are simple enough like copying then colouring the photographs or the more bizarre which includes covering myself in the aforementioned photographs to make a haunted iron man suit made of memories.

“Choosing portraits is a somewhat of an odd choice for me as I am not the best at remembering faces, if you asked me to draw my own mother or describe her face , I would think you were odd but once you explained the reason why, I still would find a hard time reproducing her face. I could easily describe her particular choice in clothing but I have very little recollection what colour her eyes are.

“When it comes to myself. I have only a passing understanding that the mirror reflects my own face rather than a generic flesh powered robot. Portrait art is an unfamiliar subject, I would be more at home learning to dance while wearing concrete underpants at the bottom of a canal 

“My plan is to drag the old photographs kicking and biting into the modern age then add my creative flair to make something new. The plan should be simple, turn one or a few of the pictures into line drawings and add my patterns. Portraits, mandalas and line drawings are all new beasts that I will have to break in but only time will tell if the project works or not.

The medium I have decided to work with is pen and ink – hopefully choosing these tools will give me a home field advantage. I have a miniature library of various art books and time on my side so let’s see what happens next…”  

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