#shareartonline – Postcard design call-out… keeping in touch with artists by post

We are looking at ways to keep in touch with everyone in these difficult and challenging times, including those without direct or easy access to internet and computers and who normally receive communications and updates from Outside In by post.

As well as keeping in touch with printed newsletters, we would like to start by sending out a postcard to artists from our mailing list who are not engaged with any digital means at this time. We would love to ask for your help and ideas in terms of sending us suggested artwork to use on the front of the card. This could be something you are currently working on or have recently completed or a cheering message or inspiring image to send to non-digital peers, whilst people are confined to their homes.

Please send us any ideas that you might have by Monday 30th March at 1pm, bearing in mind this is to be printed on the front of a regular postcard (4” x 6”) and should be landscape in format. We can offer a small prize of £50 for the chosen design and look forward to seeing your ideas and artworks. Please send through to matthew.forbes-dale@outsidein.org.uk . For very large files, please send using www.wetransfer.com or using a link. Many thanks!

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