#shareartonline – ‘Unity’ by Sabine Kaner

‘Unity’ – Sabine Kaner

Outside artist Sabine Kaner has updated us on a project she has been working on in lockdown, entitled ‘Unity’. She writes:

“I am Bi-racial, my father came from Jamaica on the Windrush. I have grown up with so much racism in this country, witnessing the many incidences of unrest including the Brixton riots.  Although I am a brown skinned person, I still experience it today. Racism is a very complex issue and very subtle. It has a very damaging affect on peoples mental health and well being. It affects every aspect of your life including the health care that you receive and the assumptions people make about you. It’s important that people engage in the conversation. Posting a black square is just the beginning! As an artist it is very difficult to express the underlying experiences that you have had through your work, in anything but an obvious way, which leaves you on the fringes, and makes you feel like an outsider. As with the virus and its affects on the BAME community, it’s even hard to get research done that actually gives people the answers that they need to keep safe form the virus.

“This piece of work I would like to call “Unity” and dedicate it firstly to my Black/American family who are experiencing things first hand at the moment, but to everyone that has experienced racism because of their skin colour. I hope that what’s happening at the moment will really open the conversation so that real change can occur, and people like me can finally stop experiencing the inter-generational trauma that keeps repeating itself! The image is a repeat of the original textile work… placed together (side by side) to express how we can all make a difference by working together. Thanks for reading.”

What are you working on in lockdown?  We would love to see. You can share using #shareartonline or send to Matt at matthew.forbes-dale@outsidein.org.uk

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  1. Carla Cannon

    Such a personal insight into your heritage, life experiences – thank you. A wonderful piece of work that certainly will open much needed conversation. As always I love your work. Carla Cannon

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