Step Up: Artists’ insight to Exploring Collections at Pallant House Gallery

Outside In artists Peter Baker and Julie Cleverly share insight to the Step Up: Exploring Collections course, the pair are currently studying it at Pallant House Gallery and will be exhibiting their research and responses during the Ivon Hitchens summer show at the Chichester gallery.

Have you taken part in a Step Up Course before?

Peter Baker creating an artwork on the course

PB: Yes, I done the Interpreting Collections and I researched on Walter Sickert and I remember he was born in Germany in 1860 and died in 1942 and he went to Slade School and I think his wife was called Mary and his father was an artist and he didn’t want his son to be an artist. That’s all I can tell you by memory. We went to the Victoria and Albert Museum.

JC: No.

Why did you want to be involved in the course?

PB: I like landscapes. always have, and when I heard about this one by accident when I went to one of the Outside In Share Art events I found out about and said straight way, ‘I’ll do it’. Then when I was told it would be round the parts of this area it was more appealing to me.

JC: Because I was interested in researching Ivon Hitchens. I really like his work and all the colour and wanted to find out how he got from his original landscape work to this landscape work.

Julie Cleverly’s after Hitchens’ Didling on the Downs

What were your hopes for the course?

PB: To learn a little bit more about landscapes. Learn more about Peter Iden what I have started studying.

JC: I’ve done a few landscapes in the past, but I don’t like them because it looks like the landscape and it was a different way of looking at the landscape that I was interested in. So from a personal perspective as an artist and also when I am in here, working with people and they ask me questions I can explain a bit more about the different types of landscapes and how people have interpreted them.

How does it compare to your expectations?

PB: Good. I really enjoy it. First off, before you start, you feel a bit nervy, but once you’ve started, I’m OK.

JC: I didn’t know what to expect, but it’s far exceeded what I thought was going to be available – seeing the paintings close up, being able to use the library resources, and things I didn’t know we were going to be able to do. That and also being able to put some work into an exhibition was a bit of a surprise which has also made me a bit nervous.

What has been your favourite part so far?

Work by Julie Cleverly

PB: Actually learning about Peter Iden and the way I asked Sarah to explain things to use and what we’ve got in the library of different artists we can look at.

JC: My favourite part so far has been the research. I must admit, I’m a bit hooked on the research in the library. I has also introduced me to other artists, such as Patrick Heron, people like that.

What would you say to another artist thinking of applying for Step Up?

PB: I would recommend it. Seriously. Because I’ve done two now and I’ve even done one Leading Workshops course.

JC: I was telling my friend yesterday about it and thoroughly recommending it and saying it was such fun.

Anything to add..

JC: Thank you very much. I appreciate it.

PB: I’ve enjoyed every minute of it.

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