Step Up Exploring Collections – Sharing Event At Ditchling Museum

Clarke Reynolds, course tutor Tanya Harris and Jackie Bennett.

On Monday 9th December Outside In artists gathered at Ditchling Museum at an event to share their responses to work in the museum’s permanent collection and current exhibition  ‘Disruption, Devotion and Distributism’ .  Clarke Reynolds was responding to his experience of  using the 200 year old Stanhope Press in the museum’s main exhibition to produce the first ever Braille print using new letters devised by Tom Bourke Printmaker. Su Moberley created a screen inspired by Japanese calligraphy and the work of Eric Gill, whilst Penny Green’s ceramic pieces were made in response to the work of David Jones and Jackie Bennett created tapestry pieces inspired by the work of Tadek Beutlich.

Outside In’s Marc Steene with artist Clarke Reynolds.

  If you would like information on how to get involved with future Step-Up courses,  please contact Kate Davey at   or calling  01273 381311.

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