Online Workshop – Earth Relax Creative Journals

Join Outside In Step Up trained artist Jacqui Xavier-Rhoades and bring the outside world inside by creating your own Earth Relax Creative Journal.

The video below sees Jacqui introduce the Earth Relax Creative Journals workshop. In the video Jacqui introduces the workshop and offers suggestions for the types of materials you might need.

After watching this video, please scroll down the page to watch the second video for the main body of the workshop.

The workshop

Watch the video below, where Jacqui will take you step by step through the process of making your own Earth Relax Creative Journal.

We hope you have enjoyed this session!

If you have any feedback, or would like to share any work made in response to this workshop, please email

Please note: Jacqui apologises for a last minute accidental mix up of audio order in the creative section. She aims to amend as soon as she is able to. However, in the meantime, Jacqui hopes you are still able to enjoy the essence of the creative journal section of the workshop. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

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  1. Joy Robinson

    Absolutely beautiful, I cannot go for long walks now but felt as if I had experienced every part of Jacqui’s journey. Just to hear the birds and all the various trees and surroundings was magical then the best meditation I’ve experienced. After all this it really does feel like returning home from the walk and then watching Jacqui’s creative skills which certainly left me wanting to have a go. Thank you Jacqui and I certainly look forward to more.

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  2. Wayne Castle

    Thank you for sharing your life experience. We are all on a journey through time. To become conscious of our path, and become aware of our surroundings. To create our own personal space in time can afford reflection. This action of contemplation is a document of of our esistance – our being! Love and light to you Jacqui x

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