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Colin Hambrook is investigating attitudes to disability and impairment within contemporary art as part of his research on the Outside In Step Up programme.

His first Outside In blog, follows on from a piece about Edward Burra written for Dada-South  (, looking at some of the dichotomies that may face us as artists if we take on the identity of the ‘disabled artist.’


He is looking for responses to help him in the research and wondered if you would provide some feedback on the following questions:


Do you know of references to disability within art history books or exhibition catalogues, that he might investigate for research purposes?


How do you feel about talking about disability or impairment in relation to being an artist?


Is disability something that you are open about or feel relevant when talking about your work as an artist?


How do you feel about Disability Art as a concept or art movement?


Do you have any thoughts on the notion of the ‘troubled artist?


People can respond by leaving comments on the blog post:


If you would like to respond but do not wish to leave a comment on this blog, you can email Colin directly at


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