Step Up

Step Up  is partly funded by Accentuate, through its Revisiting Collections Programme. This funding has enabled several of the Step Up artists to work with Julia Elmore, a freelance curator of Outsider Art and contributor to Raw Vision (a key international journal for Outsider and Visionary Art), to explore Pallant House Gallery’s collection. Their research will be partly informed by their experience as artists who meet the Outside In criteria and their  life experiences and art interests.

The research will be desseminated in a vareity of way; as an addition to the existing series of Step Up Workshop Packs, as a tour or trail during the Outside In: National exhibition and imbedded in the Gallery’s collection database.

This is a key piece of work that further embeds Outside In into the Gallery and allows alternative voices to be heard in the interpretation of the Gallery’s collections.

Each Step Up researcher has a blog which is updated with information about their research. To have a look at The Step Up blogs visit

To download a Step Up Workshop Pack visit

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