The Capitol Gallery

An exciting opportunity for artists to exhibit at

The Capitol Gallery — North Street – Horsham – West Sussex – RH12 1RG


The theme for exhibitions at The Capitol for 2012 is ‘Culture’. 

Applications for exhibitions between January – May 2012 will need to be received by October 14 2011. You will need to supply a variety of information as listed below.


Please email to:
Luna Russell –

If you have any queries about the application process please contact Luna by email or to speak to the General Manager at The Capitol call Michael Gattrell on 01403 756080.

Information –

A short introduction and relevant details such as address and telephone number.

C.V. –
Your CV should include details of your art education, training, past, current and forthcoming exhibitions, retail outlets, grants etc. Technical information and an artist’s statement is also very helpful.

Visuals –
You can send attach images along with the title and dimensions to your email and also any links to websites that you are on. If you have too much information, you can always number the visuals and provide the information on a separate sheet.

Frequently asked questions

Q. What size are the walls in the Gallery?
A. The 3 walls are all 2.70 metres high. Width wise:
Wall 1 – 3 mts, Wall 2 – 6.83 mts Wall 3 – 5.10 mts
Q. My work is small scale ceramics, is there a space to display in the Gallery?
A. Yes, we have 4 glass cabinets that can accommodate a range of 3D work including ceramics, jewellery, textiles and glass.
Q. I only have enough work to fill one wall in the Gallery Space, can I still submit to the panel?
A. Yes most certainly. If your work is selected we will endeavour to pair you up with another artist so that you can share the space.
Q. I have work in several styles, shall I submit all or just one of them?
A. Submit all – the panel can then look at all aspects of your work giving them the opportunity to either choose one style or several.
Q. I have submitted work in the past but it was not selected, can I submit again?
A. Yes you may submit with the same work or something new. There are many reasons why we can’t select all the work and it could have been that previously your work didn’t fit in with the whole
programme or simply there were just too many submissions of high quality work for the panel to choose from. It is worth visiting the gallery throughout the year to see what work the panel chose previously.
Q. What is the hanging system used in the Gallery Space and how many pictures can I hang?
A. We use the Avanti top rail hanging system with clear nylon cords and basic security hook which can take up to 10kg in weight. We can take a maximum of 50 pictures dependent on weight and size.
Q. Who hangs the work if I was offered an exhibition?
A. All work is hung by the artist on a day allocated by the panel. Exhibitors will be met in the Gallery Space and an explanation of how the hanging system works will be given along with a ladder and anything else required is in place. It’s a good idea to bring a plan of how you want to display the work and someone to help you. Plan to be there for most of the day, depending on the amount of work you have to hang since getting to grips with a new hanging system and ensuring all the work is level takes a considerable amount of time.

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