The Dissident: Compulsion, conflict and contempt

First presented at Shanghai's V Art Centre in 2013, The Dissident – now joined by the work of Brighton-based artist Jim Sanders – searches for proximity in the work of two artists placed at a distance culturally, artistically, and geographically.


Jim has been working as a full time artist in Brighton since 2001 and has exhibited widely in the UK, France and Spain. The dichotomies of destruction and rejuvenation, fear and redemption are what fires Jim's desire to understand the human condition, striving to make sense of our interactions, relationships, the sources and reason for existence. 


His work has an affinity with primitive, outsider, and the non-traditional Western and intuitive arts, sharing their common concern with the universal experiences of birth, love, sex, reproduction and death. 


Jim works predominantly in painting, printing, collage, and constructed sculpture, regularly creating artwork, murals, sets and costumes in collaboration with live art practitioners. 


Exhibition dates: 7 – 15 February 2015

Opening times: 9.30am – 5.30pm daily

Admission: Free

Venue: Brighton Media Centre, 15-17 Middle Street, Brighton, BN1 1AL

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