The Language of Madness

A book by Dr Christine Quantrell
March 2014

"First there were images and now there are words. Art helped me to rediscover myself and find the words to tell my story."


Whilst understanding of some mental health conditions is improving, psychosis remains the subject of fear and stigma. This project looks at psychosis from the inside and suggests that finding a way forward depends on discovering a personal language to describe the experience rather than relying on medical diagnoses and explanations.


The author is not a medical doctor but has a PhD in Education and Languages.

She has experienced a number of psychoses for which she was sectioned.

The book:-
 'The Language of Madness'
ISBN 978-0-9928452-0-9
describes her own journey.


The booklets consider aspects that may be useful to other people who have experienced psychosis and the professionals who are involved in their care and treatment.


'The Language of Madness:-
Coming to terms with Psychosis'
ISBN 978-0-9928452-1-6
which has been written for people who have experienced Psychosis.


'The Language of Madness:-
A discussion of Language, Medicine and Psychosis'
ISBN 978-0-9928452-2-3


'The Language of Madness:-
Implications for Practice'
ISBN 978-0-9928452-3-0


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Book £4                      3 Booklets £2 each

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