Tony Fisher’s Solo Show

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This exhibition shines a light on the latest creative chapter for a local photographer, Tony Fisher,  who has been living with anxiety and depression for over 17 years.

Inspiration for the exhibition comes from Tony’s experiences of mental health problems brought on following an extremely challenging time where his parents died, he lost his wife after a battle with motor neurone disease, and had to come to terms with his children being cared for by other family members while Tony tried to manage his own health.

Tony said: “I had worked as a self employed photographer before losing my wife so I’d always had a passion for photography. After losing my parents and my wife, things seemed to spiral out of control. It was very difficult to motivate myself and I lost hope that I could get back to who I was before.

Over the years friends moved away and I became more and more socially isolated and struggled to form relationships. I’d lost interest in the things I used to enjoy and my photography was put to the back of my mind.

When I finally sought help from my doctor I was referred to the Rethink Mental Illness community service where I was able to take art classes and get involved in day trips. This really helped to boost my confidence and get me socially interacting again.”
Tony has also harnessed the support of Arts Council England, who is now advising him on how to get funding for future projects.


The exhibition is open to the public from 5.30pm on Wednesday 18 April until 10 May at The Croft, Slack Lane, Ripley, Derbyshire, DE5 3HF.

If you want to find out more about Rethink (a charity that believes a better life is possible for millions of people affected by mental illness.) who Tony has had support from then visit:

To see more of Tony's work visit:

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