Unheard Until Marriage

3rd April 2011 11am-6pm, Redlees Studios

This new installation piece, created with the support of the Arts Council of England, explores how Asian women are represented in their relationship to marriage. The work communicates how the marriage traditions of Asian families affect women emotionally.

Rubbena Aurangzeb-Tariq has created three chambers of wedding silk, wood, metal and richly painted canvas to reflect on this process and will be exhibiting these monolithic chambers alongside new paintings at the exhibition space at Redlees Studio space in Isleworth before they continue their tour to spark debate at the British Association of Art Therapists’ exhibition in July at Red Gate Gallery.

Rubbena will be present at Redlees on the 3rd of April, offering a great opportunity to discuss the issues in the work directly with the artist.

Redlees Studios 3rd April 2011

Group Show: Red Gate Gallery 1st – 7th July 2011

For more information visit www.rubbena.blogspot.com

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