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Outside in has joined #WeShallNotBeRemoved, a group of disabled artists and organisations working together to ensure our voices are heard, both during the Covid 19 pandemic and after, so that the UK’s recovery from the crisis is inclusive. The group argues that the effects of Covid 19 are “frighteningly magnified” for disabled people and warns that inclusive progress which the cultural sector has made over the past 40 years is being threatened by the pandemic.

An open letter has already been sent to the Government and on Wednesday 17th June a Social Media Action Day is planned where all disabled artists and disability/ inclusive arts organisations are being asked to come together to end ableism and to flood social media with their work all day, all making sure to post at 12 noon to get the movement trending. If you want to get involved with the social media campaign on Wednesday, you are asked to flood Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with posts of your work and using the hashtags #WeShallNotBeRemoved, #EndAbleism and a third #hashtag of your choice eg #CultureInQuarantine, also to tag in your national government and arts council:

England = @DCMS @ACE_National

Wales = @WG Culture @Arts_Wales

Scotland = @CultureScotGov @CreativeScots

Northern Ireland = @CommunitiesNI @ArtsCouncilNI

For further detailed information, tips and pointers including ideas for example posts, how to tag filmed content, tagging in relevant media etc, please see the document from #WeShallNotBeRemoved below.

Let’s make some noise!

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  1. Tommy Kim

    I’m a South Korean. I have a schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. Even though not an artist, am very interested in this campaign.

    Am anticipating the day when we shall not be removed.

    Good luck to you 🙂

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  2. Ruth elizabeth hamblett

    Visual disability artist with hidden disabilities of Dyspraxia, Dyslexia, Iren Syndrome and desperately awaiting to be referred for cateract operation as vision is gradually disappearing day by day.

    Happy to join your campaign as can not afford to update own website also do some protest art of bum pictures with my own words of actions if your interested.

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