When will I be famous?

Core Arts, a registered charity that exists to promote the artistic and creative abilities of people who experience severe and enduring mental health issues, together with Liz Ellis, Curator of Public Programmes at the Tate Modern, performance artist Bobby Baker and Tony Heaton, CEO Shape Arts present a panel discussion and open forum asking:


  • Is the artist always an outsider?
  • Is the personality and identity of the artist more important than their work?
  • In a city of artists, how does one enter the gallery environment, and how do galleries decide on one artist over another?
  • When does an artist become embraced by the art establishment, and what is this art establishment anyway? 


The event is taking place on Tuesday 22 July, 7.30pm at Core Arts, followed by live music from Core Arts members. It has been put together by artists Alex Ingram and Ben Gooch as part of their joint exhibition 'Under the Skin.' 


Core Arts Gallery
109 Homerton High Street
E9 6DL

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