Within Without You

7982 || 2296 || Mandy || £90 (framed) || 4526

Twenty artists from as far as Russia are taking part in a group show at The Pet Store in Bath during the Bath Fringe Festival 2012. These include Outside In Step Up artists Brian Gibson, Michelle Krall, Mandy Webb, Carlo Keshishian, Mercedes Gill, Dolly Sen, Lynne Firmager, Sophie Adams, Mandie Saw and James Thompson. 

Organiser Brian Gibson said: “We are trying to create a space to explore where we are placed and where we place ourselves within any given spectrum. In terms of art practice, we aim to provide a showcase that explores such themes by bringing together a group of creative individuals whose status as Artists often exists outside that of the more familiar view of ‘the Artist’ as someone who may be studio-based; belong to a collective; be affiliated to a gallery or already working within an arts development or in arts education. Although it is possible to inhabit such positions at various times. Our aim is to create an exhibition that celebrates the creative works made by individuals who do not necessarily fit into a particular creative pigeonhole.”



Image: Mandy Webb

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