Would you like to be an Outside In ambassador?

Outside In Ambassadors Training session in action, earlier this year

We are looking for Outside In artists who are passionate about Outside In to become ambassadors of the charity. Our ambassadors support the charity in many ways, from inspiring artists to join to giving presentations and, most importantly, this role can be tailored to suit you. You will attend training to gain skills on how to be a spokesperson on behalf of the charity which includes your own journey with Outside In. Your voice and experience will help us reach new artists and may form links with new organisations. We will provide you with support, merchandise and invitations to events. We have monthly social meet ups  on Zoom as well as a yearly get together to say thank you for all the work our ambassadors do.

Outside In ambassador Melanie Hodge has written a blog post about the training, which you can read here. She said, ‘It was the most diverse training day I’ve been on and, like every Outside In event I go to, it sparked new connections of friendship, inspiration, and creativity.’ We will be holding ambassador training via Zoom throughout the year – if you are interested in taking part, please contact Beth Hopkins at ambassadors@outsidein.org.uk for more details. 

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