© A New Dawn, Anthony McFarlane (2016)

Featured Artist

Anthony McFarlane

Ebeniuism is a visual representation, for Anthony, of the many lives and routes a black woman takes to balance her life with her culture and asks the question: “Has the black woman lost her culture? Has her sense of blackness been replaced with a sense of European-ness?”

This question of culture is further explored through the use of his own catalogue of photographs and the introduction of digital manipulation of these to create visual signifiers and moving images using portraiture, the body, objects and nature.

Anthony specialises in evocative images of the black and white simplicity in documenting the world we live in. Born in Yorkshire, he first used the camera in the 1980s to document Black British performers in the Birmingham area capturing some very iconic images over the last decade. During the last few years he’s developed his own photographic workshops, concentrating on using the camera as a tool for self-awareness.

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