Power Fall
© Power. Fall. & 1, 2: 1, 2, Jazz Moreton & Isobel Adderley (2018)

Featured Artist

Jazz Moreton

Created at Artsadmin’s one-week Summer School in August 2018, and working with artist Isobel Adderley, Jazz Moreton seeks to explore how her body occupies space through movement. The concept of Power inspired these performances, which consider the way that world leaders shake hands in a performance of alliance (Power. Fall.) and, entirely separately, the relationship between internal and external power (1, 2; 1, 2).

Jazz Moreton is a socially-engaged artist who is concerned with socio-political themes such as the ways that marginalised groups struggle to be accepted as part of mainstream society. Moreton works in a variety of mediums ranging from the rebellious medium of performance to the often-ignored disabled voice.