Surgery Day at Bethlem

Jan Arden, Child Birth and Other Matters

Jan Arden, Child Birth and Other Matters

On Wednesday 14 May 2014 Outside In ran a Surgery Day at Bethlem Gallery, to help artists to create an online gallery or update their current one on the Outside In website. With the trusty help of Beth Elliott, Director of Bethlem Gallery, behind the camera and Shetha Haddad-Smith, Gallery Assistant, keeping everyone refreshed, the day ran smoothly (almost on time!) and masses of amazing work was viewed! Click on the links below to see the online galleries of the artists that we met on the day and their incredible art work. Several of the artists also submitted black and white drawings for selection for the upcoming London exhibition ‘The Inner Self: Drawings from the subconscious.

Imma Maddox
Zelda M
Dan Duggan
Jan Arden
Pat Mear
Mike West
Lauren Cotter Gill
James Stewart Dallas
Maureen Scott
Sarah Carter

Image (left): Pat Mear, Through the Looking Glass

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  1. Jan Arden

    Thankyou Outsidein for voting me artist of the momth, and all at the open surgery day at the Bethlem Outsider Art Gallery, the awesome Jenny, the amazing Shadha and the wonderful Beth you guys are so cool!!

  2. Pat Mear

    My computer skills leave much to be desired and I have only just found this (by accident!). It was lovely to see this very special painting of mine on the screen, as I feel it is a self-portrait of my real self. I suppose all works are reflections of the artist in some way, but this was the first time I realised it!
    Pat Mear, artist

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