Artist’s review: Step Up, Interpreting Collections

Natasha H tells us how taking part in the ten week Step Up course at Wellcome Collection was been ‘transformational’. 

Taking part in the 10 week Step Up course at the Wellcome Collection in London has been an interesting challenge for me, as I had never done anything like this before. During the first session I felt like a fish out of water when we were shown around the buildings, as the place seemed huge and I felt like a tiny dot of a person. But as we were toured around, I quickly began to feel at ease as everyone seemed to smile in passing.


Natasha H with Rachel Johnston at The Art of Research event, Wellcome Collection

The next week, we were introduced to the staff in the library and were told that they would be there to offer any guidance and support we might need in carrying out our research project. They were really friendly and approachable.

I think the hardest thing was choosing my research project because I found that I was quite enthusiastic about having access to rare materials. However, once chosen, I found the information given to me by the cataloguers within the research team to be accessible and very detailed.

The course has been interesting and has helped me grow my skills as well as a knowledge of The Art and Health collections held within the Wellcome Library, which I must say are of a very rare nature. Also, I found the whole experience has helped me break down barriers within my own life. Where once upon a time I would have seen limits, I now know that with good time management, self-determination and support, my own creative responses to ideas become limitless.


Natasha H’s Wellometer

A great big thank you to my tutor, Julia, for writing such a course, as it has definitely helped to open up a new chapter in my life. It has helped me gather more positive thoughts and gain self-confidence, as well as acknowledging the things that have shifted and improved in my life. It also created a platform where I felt able to showcase my work and achievements with pride and the feed back I received from my first ever exhibition of this kind just blew me away.

I also must acknowledge Solomon, Engagement Officer at the Wellcome Collection, who put in a lot of time and effort into making our journey through the course practical, interesting and manageable.

Wellcome in Spring by Natasha H

Wellcome in Spring by Natasha H

The empathy shown by both Julia and Solomon encouraged me to engage in dialogue and I felt confident and open enough to ask the most curiously ridiculous questions without being boo-hooed.

This course is transformational. If at anytime you get the opportunity to do it, don’t hesitate!

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Sol from Wellcome with Outside In’s Step Up coordinator Kate and artist Niki Gibbs

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